WATERMARK Training Ankle Weights

Watermark Ankle Weights are a useful tool to build core & leg strength.  They can be used in THREE different ways:

1. Wrap one of the Watermark Ankle Weights around both ankles, fasten the side-release buckle & tighten strap. Do dolphin kicks on the edge of the pool or swim laps.  The added resistance creates increased muscle mass AND provides increased muscle strength when & where you actually need it.

2. Watermark Ankle Weights can be attached to each ankle weight for water polo, synchronized swimmers & swimmers wanting to add resistance & increase specific muscle mass.

3. Dryland Training - warm-up with leg raises, stretches, scissor motion etc. while wearing Watermark Ankle Weights; add resistance to popular core & full leg workouts.  

There are limitless numbers of exercises that can be performed with your imagination and Watermark Ankle Weights.

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